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Dormitory Facilities and Regulations

Dormitory Facilities and Regulations

Dormitory Facilities

The dormitory is just five(5) minutes walk from Colegio San Agustin. For 24 hours/day, it has security guards to secure the students’ safety.

Single room 7 rooms
Double room 18 rooms
Triple room 69 rooms
Total Capacity 250 people

Dormitory staffs stay at the dormitory office to take care of the students` needs, rooms, food, sudden illness and other problems.

The students can enjoy asian food and Philippine food. The kitchen staffs try to let the students experience eating various kinds of food while living away from home.

Areas for rest/lounge
There is a big area for the students to rest on the first floor. And, there are also 6 more small places to hang out inside the dormitory building.

Convenient store
It sells cup noodles, snacks and personal care goods.

Laundry room
Laundry staffs collect students’ dirty clothes and return them after doing the laundry twice a week.

There are some desktop computers that the students can use to surf the internet in the students` lounge.

Study room
A study room is opened for 24 hours for students to study by themselves.

Group classrooms
There are three group classrooms, for the students to have group classes or group discussions.

Fingerprint Identification Security System
Fingerprint Identification Security System is installed at the main gate to monitor students` ins and outs and curfew. This is to prevent any incident from happening.

There is a gym equipped with some machines for fitness. The students can easily exercise on their most convenient time.

Dormitory Regulations

1. Curfew
① 10PM : Sunday - Thursday
② 11PM : Friday – Saturday ; a night before holidays
※ At the gate of the dormitory, the students’ entrance and exit is being checked through the ID holder, fingerprint scanner, and CCTV.

2. Meal
The cafeteria serves three full meals every day.
- Meal time: weekdays : breakfast (7:00-8:30) lunch(11:40-13:00) dinner(5:40-7:00)
weekends and holidays: breakfast(7:30~9:00) lunch(12:00~13:00) dinner (6:00~7:00)

3. Room cleaning and laundry
- Room cleaning: A student’s room is being cleaned three (3) times a week.
- Laundry: A student’s laundry is collected twice (2) a week.
# Bed sheet, pillow cover, and rug of the students are washed once (1) every
two (2) weeks
# A student should not make the laundry department liable for the discoloration of the clothes or the prints. Thus, he/she should not expect any compensation.

4. Personal belonging
- A student should prepare his/her own necessities such as tissue, towels, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush.
- Personal necessities can be bought at the retail stores.

5. Electric bill
A student’s room is provided with an electric meter for monthly billing. The student’s electric bill is divided by the number of people in the room. The student’s monthly bill averages from $10 – $30.

6. Deposit
A student is asked to deposit $50 (Php 2500) upon entering the dormitory. The student can get 100% of his/her deposit if there is no problem during his/her length of stay. However, he/she cannot get the same amount if a damage has been incurred.

7. Keeping of personal belongings
A student should keep his/her wallets and cash, electronic dictionary, wrist watch, digital camera and laptop in a secured and locked place. He/she is advised to create a bank account and deposit cash in there. He/she should not make LSLC liable for lost items inside the room.