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Facilities in the San Agustin

Students are provided with an identification card (ID) which verifies that they are enrolled. Thus, they have the same privilege with the students in the university to use the library, cafeteria, swimming pool, school grounds, basketball court, tennis court, gym, and others.

Affordable tuition fee and cost of living

Since Bacolod City is not as big as Manila City and Cebu City, it has 80% difference when it comes to tuition and cost of living. Anybody can spend less with higher satisfaction.

One-on-One classes

Having a teacher in a one-on-one class setting is of great advantage in studying English in the Philippines. A student’s English skill and level are properly evaluated. Then, the assigned teacher recommends the materials appropriate for the student’s level.

Taking a class in the university without any extra charge

Since LSLC is part of San Agustin, our students can take some classes with other students, a term used to all Filipinos and foreign students who are enrolled in the San Agustin. In this way, the students are motivated to study in English, and at the same time, create friendships, and share and exchange cultures.

School ID, Certificate and Credit

Various international universities recognize and credit the certificates and school ID which are issued by the San Agustin to their students.

Cozy and comfortable dormitory

The students’ new dormitory is a two minute walk from the University. It has a cafeteria, lounge, study rooms, mini store, mini gym, and more. Each room is equipped with an air-conditioner, cabinet, shower room, study tables, and others. It also has a receptionist whom students can ask for assistance any time of the day.

20 years of teaching experience

LSLC has taught English since 1997. So the school has enough experience in handling various students’ needs and levels, knowledge and skills.

Experienced teachers

As a school for 20 years, our teachers have a wide range of experiences and we only hire the most qualified staff. This assures a better quality of education from the other language schools in the Philippines.

High satisfaction rate

The students are much way satisfied with the school curriculum, teachers’ skills, and student management. Because of these, many students decide to lengthen their stay and study more.

Safe environment

Because Bacolod City is not a busy city, people have a calm and warm attitude. They welcome anybody with a big smile, especially to foreigners. With this, the crime rate has decreased dramatically.