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The one on one class that professional instructors handle provides the best education to all who wishes to enhance their English language skills.

Students can get used to the unfamiliar environments fast and comfortably with the help of the Korean manager and Philippine guardians.

The students, like, elementary, junior high school, and senior high school can naturally help family group of students study English and exchange the cultures.

This program is based on the programs of the language center affiliated to the Philippine leading private university which has MOU and sister universities with public universities in Korea and Japan.

Bacolod City, located in the Philippine central region, has clean water, fresh air, cheap commodities, and safe security. It’s the best place to both relax and concentrate on studying.

The LSLC staff always lives with the family group of students and helps them get used to studying English in the Philippines.

The life care service that includes laundry services (twice a week) and house- keeping services (three times a week) makes you have quality family time and help you focus on your studies.

LSLC provides a mixture of Korean, Western, and Philippine food under the management of Korean kitchen staff.

LSLC’s new dormitory is the clean and comfortable place that you can solve the problem of repulsion on the Philippine residential environment.

LSLC family program is the best choice for improving both parents and children’s English skills.

With LSLC! Meaningful choice with loving family! Amazing experience to change the future!

▶ Twenty(20) years of English language training in the Philippines!
▶ One on one class!
▶ Colegio San Agustin-bacolod official student ID card!
▶ The same footing as Colegio San Agustin-Bacolod students!
▶ Managing academic affairs and grades by professor and faculty!
▶ Confidence of speaking the English language!
▶ Colegio San Agustin-bacolod official certificate!
▶ Cozy dormitory for family and individual!
▶ Diverse cultural experiences!
▶ Cost-efficient!


Speaking Listening Reading Writing
- Practice words and phrases with “R” and “L” sounds
- Practice English accent
- Use Wh Questions and tag questions exercises in various situations
-Listen to details and opinions - Study vocabulary through memorization and testing of 10 words every day
- Read multiple reading materials
- Write a daily diary
- Study simple present, past, and future tenses
- Compare third person singular subject and the simple present tense verb
- Master voiced and unvoiced "th"
- Accent practice- Answer Yes and No questions
- Practice questions like Do and Have
- Practice listening to key words and sentences - Study vocabulary through memorizing and testing 10 words every day.
- Read short phrases to improve vocabulary skills
- Use adjectives
- Connect phrases into complete ideas
- Write sentences and paragraphs
- Compare situations, ideas, etc
- Master "V" and "F" sounds through words and phrases
- Practice dividing phrases into meaningful units
- Integrate listening and speaking
- Listen to syllable stress and intonation of words - Summarize content
- Identify the features of vaious passages
- Practice the use of proper punctuation marks
- Combine sentences with the use of connecting words and phrases
- Practice making a conversation in context (eg shopping, ordering)
- take an exam
- Listen to conversations/dialogues
- take an exam
- Study vocabulary through memorizing and testing 10 words every day.
- Read stories from story books
- take an exam
- Write various sentences with connectors and punctuation marks
- Write simple letters/emails in English
-take an exam

1 on 1 Class 4 Hours + Group Class 2 Hours
1 on 1 Class The 1-on-1 classes are held face-to-face with Philippine instructors to improve communication skills, such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
They can be flexibly changed according to the individual skills or types that could fit the students’ needs.
Group Class In the group class, the students who have similar English level acquire a wide range of English language skills, like writing, speaking, reading, and vocabulary with an instructor.
The students’ skills are honed through various English learning methods, like memorizing words, listening to the songs, role-playing/acting, and playing English games.

Weekly Tests

This is LSLC’s systematic activity program that gives a time of rest and energy to studious students. It helps the students accumulate experiences and be motivated in learning more. The regular physical activities are golf, swimming, badminton, and cultural side trips.
This program gives the families meaningful memories, too!

Writing Program

The Language Skills Learning Center evaluates the children’s English skills through tests, reviews the lessons, and regularly informs the parents on the results. The various tests given to the students are effectively designed to suit the English levels of the students.

Various Activities

This writing program is an enrichment program that aims to improve the students’ creative writing skills by writing a daily diary, paragraphs, and essays.
It makes them organize and improve their thoughts and opinions with the instructor’s supervision and correction daily.

Parents’ Activities

Parents can enjoy various activities in the afternoon. They can have golf lessons at the driving range, golf rounding at the country club, body massage at a spa, and go swimming.

- Golf lessons (Separate cost)

- Traditional massage (Separate cost)

- Field rounding (Separate cost)

- use the CSA-B swimming pool (Separate cost)

EDUCATION(Language Skills Learning Center)

The students can highly improve their English language skills through one-on-one and group classes which are handled by professional and qualified instructors at the San Agustin University classrooms.
They can also use the library, swimming pool, and other facilities which the students of the university also can.


This is the program that helps the students become open-minded on the multi-cultural exposure and experience, develops independence, and encourages diligence in a group.
In addition, it promotes physical activities for health and exciting camp life, like, playing golf, badminton, swimming, visiting museums, botanical gardens, and local markets.

At the end of the program, it acknowledges the effort and learning of the students by having a graduation and a party. In this way, it gives the students the sense of accomplishing the planting of seeds to change the future