Business English for English learners requires mastery of the four macro-skills, namely, speaking, listening, reading, and writing to be competent in the business market.
It equips English learners’ skills in giving effective presentations, dealing with business partners, customers, and clients, selling products, creating ideas, and more.


Levels Contents Target Students The Goals
Beginner - Basic business Writing
- Basic business Listening
- Basic business Reading
- Basic business Speaking
- Practicing Pronunciation, Intonation, Stress and Blending
- Students need to use the English language at the work place.
- Students can converse in English, but have difficulty on doing it in any business situations.
- Students want to have an internship abroad.
- To study basic business expressions, telephoning, writing e-mails, and writing resume
- To acquire basic knowledge on international business environment
Intermediate - Intermediate business Writing
- Intermediate business Listening
- Intermediate business Reading - Intermediate business Speaking
- Practicing Pronunciation, Intonation, Stress & Blending
- Students want to master their business English skills.
- Students have a goal to get a job at a foreign company or abroad.
- Students work with foreigners.
- Students study formal English.
- To expose oneself in various business English situations, in preparation for the actual business environment
- To be able to handle business meetings in English
- To take business calls, attend business conferences, and write business letters and emails in the English language
Advanced - Advanced business writing
- Advanced business Listening
- Advanced business Reading
- Advanced business Speaking
- Practicing business circumstances English
- Students need to attend many business meetings and presentations.
- Students want to advance their business expressions.
- Students want to study business English for a specific industry or market.
- To enhance abilities in dealing with various international business environments
- To be fluent and efficient in using the English language in business meetings, presentations, and others.
- To express one’s opinion like a native English speaker


Time Business English
08:00~08:50 Business Speaking 1:1
09:00~09:50 Business Reading 1:1
10:00~10:50 Business Listening 1:1
11:00~11:50 Business Writing 1:1
14:00~14:50 Business Situations Group
15:00~15:50 Business Presentation Group
17:00~17:50 Option
American Culture/Accent, Vocabulary,CNN
19:00~19:50 Business Vocabulary Group
20:00~20:50 Business Vocabulary Group
21:00~21:50 Business Vocabulary Group