Introduction of the program

The Practice Teaching Program Overseas consists of four weeks of ESL classes at the LSLC and four weeks of practical teaching in SAN AGUSTIN Integrated School using English.
The four weeks of ESL program are composed of four hours of one-on-one daily classes with Filipino instructors, especially those who took TESOL, and progresses not only reading, writing, listening, and speaking but also equipping the students on how to teach the language effectively.

The features of the program

- Since the students do the practice teaching at the Philippine Integrated School, they can experience the Philippine school setting and improve their skills in teaching the subject in English.
- The students can learn a lot from the integrated school's teachers personally.
- The students take the ESL classes at LSLC and do the practice teaching at the integrated school.
- The students can live in the dormitory safely.

The roles of the students

- Teaches individuals and small groups, and computes grades as teaching assistant
- Guides at the classroom, playground, cafeteria, at the library
- Works with a teacher at the integrated school directly
- Writes papers and submits them to the personnel in charge of the program.

Qualification of the Applicant

- A graduate of an education degree
- Has scored TOEIC 750, TOEIC Speaking 130, TOEFL IBT 80, IELTS 7.0

Practice and Evaluation

Contents Note
Education - Practice (class, teaching individual/small group, assisting a teacher)
- Classroom/Class in English with a good teacher
- Lesson Planning
- Reviewing paper for practice with the teacher in charge
Evaluation - ESL Course and Orientation : 20%
- Papers for practice : 30%
- Evaluation of the teacher : 20%
- Homework : 30%
The rate of attendance must be more than 80%.