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Nursing Program

It is the ideal program for nursing students who want to work overseas and can experience many things before working in an overseas hospital by learning English and practicing nursing at Bacolod General Hospital.


Learning English in the morning + OJT in the afternoon →to strengthen employment competitiveness
1on 1 class ★ Optimized English Conversation Classes
★ Customized lessons
★ Professional Instructor
General Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing
Group class Medical English & Business English
Medical Practice Activity
Basic Medicine - Nursing terms.
Patient Reception, Consultation, Guidance, Reservation Practical English.
OJT ★ MOA with Riverside Hospital
★ General Hospital Training
★ 5 minutes walkfrom the dormitory!
One local nurse and two trainees from a team.
General outpatient, hospitalization, surgery, pediatrics, special screening, obstetrics and gynecology, Pre and post surgical treatment, oncology and orthopedic practice.


1week Departure Orientation Regular class - 1:1 2hrs, Group 2hrs Activities
and ReSt
Child Nursing Practice : Pediatric intensive care unit,Pediatric Ward

Surgical, General admission, Pediatrics,
Executive check-up
2 week Activities
and ReSt
Regular class - 1:1 2hrs, Group 2hrs Activities
and ReSt
Neonatal, Obstetrics,
gynecology medical-surgical care
3 week Activities
and ReSt
Regular class - 1:1 2hrs, Group 2hrs Activities
and ReSt
Women's Health Nursing Practice : Neurosurgery, operating room, urgery,Musculoskeletal, Rheumatism

Opthalmology, ENT and Orthopaedic care
4 week Activities
and ReSt
Regular class - 1:1 2hrs, Group 2hrs Graduation Departure
Tumor Nursing Practice : Thyroid center, Endoscopy room, operating room, Elderly Health Nursing Practice : Respiratory,Digestive system Woman reproductive system

OB-Gyne, Oncologic and Orthopaedic

Riverside Hospital

Location B.S. Aquino Drive Bacolod City, 6100 Philippines
Founder 1954 Dr. Pablo O. Torre
The third medical institution 14 wards 300 beds
Medical subject Pathology, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Otolaryngology, Family Medicine,Psychiatry, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Orthopedics, General surgery, Ophthalmology, Neurosurgery, Urology, Thoracic surgery, Plastic surgery
Other services Hemodialysis, Dieting, Respiratory Therapy, X-ray, Health Promotion Clinic, Non-surgical Vascular Test, Remote Examination, Emergency Room and Emergency Ambulance
Educational Institutions Surgery, Pharmacy, Obstetrics, Orthopedic, Anesthesiology, etc.
Acceptance of postgraduate medical education institutions
Annex Riverside Medical College
Ward Pharmacy, Outpatient Clinic
95 Doctors Clinic Center