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Sports festival
Regularly, the students and teachers play basketball, volleyball, and badminton to strengthen a teacher-student bonding.

Boracay trip
The student can have a Boracay trip for four days and three nights. It costs from 6,000php to 8,000php.

Mambukal, Palmas Delmar, and Buenos Aires resort trips
The students can have a day trip near Bacolod City area. They can spend, roughly, from 2,000php ~ 4,000php.

Within walking distance, the students can go to their preferred gym and pay affordable prices, 500php- 1,800php.

Swimming Class
The students can either swim or take a swimming lesson with a swimming coach for 200PHP per hour. They only pay 60PHP per day as swimming pool fee.

Golf Lesson
Students can take a golf lesson at the country club in Bacolod City for 350PHP per hour. Playing golf(18 holes) only costs 1,000PHP.