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School Facilities and Regulations

School Facilities and Regulations

School facilities

LSLC(San Agustin Language Center)
The LSLC building has one on one class room, small group class room, and one screen room.

Swimming Pool / Basketball Court / Library

Cafeteria / Book Store / Chapel


1. The official name of the center is Colegio San Agustin which is also known as Language Skills Learning Center (LSLC).

2. Objective
It is to enable students to have a safe and successful English language training at LSLC.

3. Registration
3.1. Registration fee is USD 100, which is non-refundable.
3.2 A student must register, pay tuition, and dormitory fees one week before departure. If he/she has arrived in the dormitory without paying the full amount, a student is expected to pay the balance, within a week after arrival (no full payment, no more classes).

4. Insurance
All students are obliged to secure an insurance (International Student Insurance) for the duration of the study before going to the Philippines. When the study period is extended, the insurance must be personally extended as well. The LSLC will not be held responsible for accidents caused by personal actions during personal trips. During any LSLC official trips, LSLC will not be held responsible for a student who would have his/her own activities, aside from the official itinerary.

5. Staying out
LSLC students are allowed to travel/stay out over a night on weekends and holidays. To be allowed, they are required to fill out the Liability Waiver on a Wednesday, a week in advance. Any student who travels/stays out without the Liability Waiver will be penalized and will not be allowed to go for a week.
Note: Within Bacolod City, a student is only allowed to stay out and stay in the resort, not in the hotel.

6. Fingerprint scanner
All LSLC students must register their fingerprints upon entering the dormitory. They should always pass by the fingerprint scanner when entering or leaving the dormitory.

7. Extension of study period
Extension must be done one month before the last day of stay. He/she must pay the tuition and dormitory fees a week before the expiration date.

8. Refund policies

The refund policies applies when a student has

Cancelled the program before leaving his/her country Full refund, except the registration fee USD 100
Cancelled the program within 75% of the whole program 50% refund
Cancelled the program after spending 75% of the program No refund
Dismissed from the school No refund

9. Penalty point System
For the students’ safety and convenience, LSLC observes the following penalties. Once any of the regulations is violated, a student (violator) will be notified on the bulletin board and will be prohibited from going out for a week. Furthermore, habitual violation or excessive accumulation of penalty points could result to being expelled without any refund..

① Going in the dormitory on or after 12AM is considered sleeping out. 7
② Cooking food inside the dormitory 7
③ Drinking liquor or keeping an empty bottle of liquor 7
④ Going in the room of an opposite sex 7
⑤ Visiting the casino 7
⑥ Trying to climb/jump over the fence 7
⑦ Giving accommodation and food to an outsider 7
⑧ Coming back the dormitory beyond the scheduled curfew or before 12AM 5
⑨ Smoking inside the room 3
⑩ Not scanning his/her finger on the fingerprint scanner 3
⑪ Making noise, disturbing others, and gambling inside the room 3
⑫ Showing too much physical affection to a boyfriend/girlfriend 3
⑬ Absence without notice 3

8 weeks and below 10 or more penalty points
8-16 weeks 15 or more penalty points
16-24 weeks 20 or more penalty points
Once a student is warned, he/she is not allowed to travel/stay out the dormitory for one week.

10. Situations which guarantee immediate dismissal without warning and refund
LSLC does guarantee immediate dismissal without refund to any student doing any of these situations
① Kicking the main gate or doing an act of disturbance/violence in order to enter the dormitory after curfew
② Damaging the facilities of the dormitory intentionally and maliciously
③ Making the environment less livable through assault and insult
④ Violating rules repeatedly or not paying attention to the warnings given by the staff
⑤ Sleeping in the room of the opposite sex(Note: Staying in another person’s room for an hour is considered sleeping and a violation.)

School Regulations

1. Class
1.1 A student who wishes to change his/her instructor is advised to inform the office every Thursdays only.
1.2 A student who has not attended any of his/her classes for any reason is not given make-up classes.
1.3 When a student is sick, he/she must write the details on the dormitory counter to be considered excused. If he/she fails to do it, his/her absence is unexcused.
1.4 A student who expects to have family/friend guests must inform the office a day before taking a leave of absence. If he/she fails to inform the office, a penalty is given.
1.5 A student must take the TOEIC tests which are scheduled every last Friday of every month. If he/she can not take these tests, he/she could not enjoy the privilege of spending some time or going on a trip with his/her friends in a week.
1.6 Tuition is non- transferrable.

2. Holidays
A student cannot have any make-up class in replacement for any Philippine legal holidays. On the contrary, he/she is privileged to have make-up classes if the number of holidays affects 10% of his/her total class.

3. Certificate
LSLC students must reach 90% or beyond of attendance to receive a certificate. On the contrary, if a student has earned penalty points or expelled, he/she can not be given a certificate.

4. Colegio San Agustin Rules
4.1 Since the Colegio San Agustin is a catholic school, a student should not wear short pants, tattered jeans, mini-skirts, and sleeveless shirts in the school vicinity.
4.2 A student is not allowed to smoke inside the campus.
4.3 A student is not allowed to drink inside the campus.
4.4 Students are not allowed to show too much physical affection in the school.
4.5 Students should wear their ID in the campus.