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The aim of the curriculum

LSLC curriculum is basically aimed at enhancing students' acquired English skills to a higher level through intensive one-on-one classes and group classes.

The structure of the curriculum

The curriculum of LSLC has three major parts or levels, namely, beginner (beginner, high beginner), intermediate (low intermediate, high intermediate), and advanced. The students' textbooks and teachers are assigned in congruence to these levels.

The students' English level is determined right after taking TOEIC reading and listening tests, and one-on-one English interview, a day after their arrival. Then, every month, the students must take level tests: TOEIC listening, reading, speaking, and writing. The results of these tests could gauge how well students have improved.


Advanced 1670 - 2000 TOEIC851-990 TOEFL iBT 101-120 IELTS 7.5-9.0
High Intermediate 1336 - 1669 TOEIC 701-850 TOEFLiBT 81-100 IELTS 6.5-7.5
Intermediate 1002 - 1335 TOEIC 601-700 TOEFLiBT71-80 IELTS 5.5-6.5
Low intermediate 668 - 1001 TOEIC401-600 TOEFLiBT51-70 IELTS 4.0-5.5
High beginner 334 - 667 TOEIC201-400 TOEFL iBT26-50 IELTS 2.0-4.0
Beginner 0 - 333 TOEIC0-200 TOEFL iBT 1-25 IELTS 1.0-2.0

At this level, a student has just started acquiring basic English skills. A student shows no confidence in expressing ideas and opinions in English. He or she tries to translate ideas from his/her native language to English. The student's words are fragmented.
(High Beginner)
A student may show improved confidence in using English as a second language. He or she can effectively use simple grammatical structures and expressions.
(Low Intermediate)
This is a level which a student has developed thinking in English. Thus, he or she can practically converse in English, using complex expressions and grammatical structures.
A student displays mastery of the English language. He or she can rephrase statements, use various idiomatic expressions effectively, integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing, and organize ideas systematically.
(High Intermediate)
A student has achieved full confidence in using English as a second language. He or she interacts with others concerning daily issues and concerns efficiently. The student knows how to rephrase, identifies correct grammatical structures, and supports ideas with substantial supporting details.
A student, at this level, could use English like an English native. He or she communicates well in any situation.


Classes are regularly one-on-one (speaking, listening, reading, writing), small group class. They can be described as follows:

1 :1 class - 4hours(or 5hours) : Professional and experienced instructors handle 1-on-1 classes according to the four macro skills of learning a language. Each instructor prepares lessons suitable for every student's English level and skill. Each class is conducted for 50 minutes.

1 : 6 small group class(2hours) : After taking level tests, students are grouped into four, according to their scores. It is 100 minutes long with 10 minute break in between. It focuses on developing students' conversational skills, like, shopping, giving and following directions, ordering meals, and others. It also prepares the students for their future jobs and interviews and speeches.

Class start :Every Monday
Enrollment : Minimum 2 weeks
Class Hour : Regular Course 30 hours + Option class / week
Intensive Course 47 hours + Option class / week


Regular Course Intensive Course Test
Class 1on1 class 4hours
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
1on1 class 5hours
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Level Test

Monthly Test

Small Group Class 2 hours Grammar ,Culture Shock, Dating, Hobbies, Personal Background, Lifestyle Conversational, Presentation, Job Interview, Asking and Giving Direction Role Playing Effective Communication
Option Class 1. 5~6 PM
2. 7~8 PM
TOEIC, American Culture Accent, and Vocabulary, Discussion, CNN
Vocabulary 7~10 PM


Time Regular Course Intensive Course
08:00~08:50 Reading 1:1 Reading 1:1
09:00~09:50 Writing 1:1 Writing 1:1
10:00~10:50 Speaking 1:1 Speaking 1:1
11:00~11:50 Listening 1:1 Listening 1:1
13:00~13:50 Speaking 1:1
14:00~14:50 Effective Communication Group
15:00~15:50 Dictation Group Effective Communication Group
16:00~16:50 Dictation Group
17:00~17:50 Option Group Option Group
19:00~19:50 Option Group Vocabulary Group
20:00~20:50 Vocabulary Group
21:00~21:50 Vocabulary Group